This version of eHour is no longer maintained and is replaced by eHour 2.
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Time Tracking with eHour

eHour is the open source, web based time tracking tool.
eHour makes the time your people spend on projects visible and available as simple and user friendly as possible.

You run eHour on-premise, on your own infrastructure and we offer a a hosted solution.
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27 february 2015: eHour 1.4.3 released
A blocking issue with the reports was fixed and an issue with the Excel download.
For all changes check the release notes and download this release!

23 february 2015: eHour 1.4.2 released
This new release of eHours has a number of improvements and bug fixes.
Check the release notes and download this release!

21 august 2014: eHour 1.4.1 released
The Export to Excel icon was missing in the report screens. Version 1.4.1 fixes this.
Download eHour 1.4 !

20 august 2014: eHour 1.4 released
eHour 1.4 is here! Email reminders, impersonating users by an admin, aggregate reporting, lock exclusions, a new eHour logo and quite some other interesting changes.

12 august 2014: Next version of eHour
The next version of eHour is nearly ready to be released. With version 1.4 you're able top send reminders to users who haven't recorded their hours, edit any timesheet by the admin and aggregate reports by week, month, quarter or year.
You can preview 1.4 as a nightly build.




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