Want to test drive eHour in the cloud?
For the last few months we've been busy with bringing eHour to the cloud.
Soon we'll be offering a hosted version of eHour with more features, integration, a new UI and more.
We're looking for pilot users who want to evaluate the first release. Write to us at info@getehour.com.



Standalone distribution 1.4.3
Windows (32-bit) installer 98 Mb
Windows (64-bit) installer 99 Mb
Linux installer 71 Mb
MacOS installer 103 Mb

WAR distribution 1.4.3
WAR 70 Mb

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Download eHour 1.4.3

eHour comes in two major flavours, a standalone version and a .WAR file which you can deploy on your own Tomcat server.

Check out the full release notes to see what changed in the latest version.

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Archived downloads are available, mainly for upgrade purposes.